Service interruption explanation.

As you may have noticed, was down for a few days. We are sorry about that, since we want to give our users the best possible service for exploring solar and heliospheric data.

The reason that our service went down is that we noticed that the server was reacting very slowly to normal requests from . To diagnose the problem, we took the server offline. We found that one of the disks in our server was failing. We replaced the disk, and after some testing to make sure the data on the server was not corrupted, we resumed normal operations.

Images from today (2011/04/30) and yesterday will shortly become available. In the next week or two we will fill in gaps in coverage from when our server was down.

We apologize for the interruption to our service. We are back up now, and we hope that you continue to enjoy your exploration the Sun and inner heliosphere.

Written on April 30, 2011 by jack