Helioviewer.org 2.2.1 Released

As some of you may have noticed, a few new features were added to Helioviewer.org last week, following the release of a new version of the web-site.

Probably the most useful change included in this release is the ability to share movie links in Helioviewer.org without having to upload a movie to YouTube first.

Other changes are listed below.


Helioviewer.org 2.2.1 is an incremental release. This release focuses mainly on convenience, adding new features to make it easier to share intersting events, and adding better intelligence when it comes to things like handling opacity after a layer is changed. As always, the release includes many other less visible changes aimed at improving performance and reliability.

New features:

  • Movie player now includes a link button which can be used to share links to videos in Helioviewer.org directly.
  • Centering information is now saved across uses and is included in Helioviewer.org links.
  • Shared videos are now automatically refreshed every couple minutes_**_.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug #787009 Adjust styles for icon and panel when screenshot or movie manager is opened
  • Fixed bug #789412 Anticipatory instrument selection for STEREO A/B
  • Fixed bug #856619 Cache news feed locally to speed up time to load entries
  • Fixed bug #857007 Movie order reversed in drop down window
  • Fixed bug #784054 Create a more obvious loading indicator
  • Fixed bug #784078 Display a loading indicator in the dialog box when checking YouTube authorization
  • Fixed bug #787011 Readjust layer opacity settings when switching layers
  • Fixed bug #797851 SECCHI status does not reflect time lag
  • Fixed bug #797856 Helioviewer links report the wrong time
  • Fixed bug #799960 Helioviewer.org occasionally requests tiles with mismatched filenames and datasource information
  • Fixed bug #788179 more detail in screenshot, movies – ready popup
  • Fixed bug #791863 Screenshot requests that include dates without a millisecond component generate incorrect filenames

Library updates:

  • jQuery (1.6 => 1.6.4)
  • jQuery UI (1.8.12 => 1.8.16)
Written on October 20, 2011 by keith