Helioviewer.org 2.2.2 Released

A new version of Helioviewer.org has been released, including a few new features to make it easier to share videos and links.


Helioviewer.org 2.2.2 is an incremental release. This release is focused on sharing. Buttons have been added below movies to make it easier to share the movie on Facebook, Twitter, etc and optional link-shortening has been included for both Helioviewer.org and movie URLs using bit.ly. Another new feature is a visual glossary. While still a work in progress, the glossary aims to help make it easier to find out what the different terms used on Helioviewer.org, and also help determine what a partcular feature or event is.

Let us know what you think, or if you have any suggestions. Feedback is always welcome.

New features:

  • Easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc. using AddThis
  • Added a visual glossary of solar terms
  • URL shortening via bit.ly
  • Download source JPEG 2000 images associated with an image layer
  • It’s now possible to create 1-hour or 28-day movies

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug #890721 Prevent redundant videos from being uploaded to YouTube
  • Fixed bug #887154 Have links shared on Facebook use relevant thumbnail.
  • Fixed bug #887634 Add a cap to video queue to avoid excessive wait times during heavy usage
  • Fixed bug #887152 Fix an issue causing zoom slider to be improperly initialized
  • Fixed bug #888270 Prevent flash video player from blocking movie links
  • Fixed bug #888585 Escape square brackets in Helioviewer.org links to enable better automatic hyperlinking

Library updates:

  • jQuery (1.6.4 => 1.7)
  • jQuery Mousewheel (3.0.2 => 3.0.6)
Written on December 2, 2011 by keith