Helioviewer.org 2.3.0 Released

A new version of Helioviewer.org has been released including better movie customization, support for embedding Helioviewer.org in remote sites, and a number of performance and bug fixes.

Screenshot showing new movie settings added in Helioviewer.org 2.3.0.

Support has been added for embedding Helioviewer.org into third-party websites, and JSONP support makes it easier for new versions of the front-end to be created which interact with the main Helioviewer.org back-end. Similarly, the front-end has been rewritten to allow for easier creation of custom front-end clients without having to re-implement a tiling system, etc.

New configuration options added in Helioviewer.org 2.3.0.

The back-end movie queuing system has been ported from Ruby to PHP to allow for better integration with the rest of the back-end, and the movies table structure has been modified for improved time estimation and similarity searching. Additional options (frame-rate and movie length) are offered to allow users further control over the movies they create and the duration option has been moved to a more obvious location.

Let us know what you think, or if you have any suggestions. Feedback is always welcome.


Helioviewer.2.3.0 includes several new features to give users more control over how the site behaves. Let us know what you think, or if you have any suggestions. Feedback is always welcome.

New features:

  • JSONP support
  • Added option display date from last visit when returning to Helioviewer.org
  • Added setting to automatically update images every 5 minutes
  • Added support for embedding Helioviewer.org in other websites
  • Added support for specifying frame-rate or duration during movie creation
  • Added support for PROBA-2 SWAP data
  • Created an installer diagnostic script
  • Added support for tracking custom events in Google Analytics
  • Movie and screenshot selection rectangle preserved during visit
  • Data availability information included in getDateSources response

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug #691356 JPX Summary file does not exist
  • Fixed bug #783497 Port Helioqueuer to PHP
  • Fixed bug #903360 Error occurs for certain layer orders when attempting to create AIA/LASCO
  • Fixed bug #925542 The minimum width of the display window is too big
  • Fixed bug #624857 After clicking “clear history” unfinished requests are still processed, and download links displayed
  • Fixed bug #885795 Add image attribution to about dialog
  • Fixed bug #888269 Attempt to normalize movie frame-rate instead of duration when possible
  • Fixed bug #909795 Normalize date strings for API requests
  • Fixed bug #909897 Mark movies that have not finished in less than x hours as Error
  • Fixed bug #930628 Improve movie creation time estimation
  • Fixed bug #942547 Validate value for dsun before attempting to process in front-side
  • Fixed bug #609219 API should return an error message when an invalid parameter is specified in a request
  • Fixed bug #783481 Report mouse coordinates immediately upon activation
  • Fixed bug #787744 Add a checkSettings method to the UserSettings class to verify user settings integrity
  • Fixed bug #876707 Included creation_time in FFmpeg metadata for mp4/webm movies
  • Fixed bug #789515 Reduce filesize of WebM movies

Library updates:

  • Flowplayer (3.2.7 => 3.2.8)
  • jQuery (1.7.0 => 1.7.2)
  • jQuery UI (1.8.16 => 1.8.18)
  • jQuery.JSON (2.2 => 2.3)
  • jQuery imgAreaSelect (0.9.5 => 0.9.8)
Written on April 2, 2012 by keith