Helioviewer.org 3.0 released

The Helioviewer Project is pleased to announce that Helioviewer.org 3.0 is now available. Try the quick interactive tutorial under the new Help (“?”) button for a quick introduction to the new Helioviewer.org.

Helioviewer.org 3.0 is a major redesign of the interface. The reason for the change was the desire to provide new capabilities to our users including:

– Image Timeline: quickly scan forward and back in time to find out which images are available when.
– Connect to science data providers such as the Virtual Solar Observatory and the Solar Dynamics Observatory Data Cutout Service.
– Automatically generate Solarsoft/IDL data download scripts from movie requests.

Please check out the updated user guide to find out more about Helioviewer.org 3.0. We have plans to make more and different data types available, and to add new features in the next few months.

Please send any comments and bug reports to contact@helioviewer.org, and thank you for using the Helioviewer Project.

Written on March 29, 2016 by jack