A New Generation of JHelioviewer Now Available

The Helioviewer Project is pleased to announce that a new generation of JHelioviewer is available for download from http://jhelioviewer.org and http://sidc.be/jhelioviewer.

JHelioviewer is an open-source application for visualization of solar images based on the JPEG 2000 standard. It is part of the ESA/NASA Helioviewer Project and another client to the Helioviewer web services alongside the Helioviewer.org web application. Since 2013, the whole software stack was revisited under ESA Contract No. 4000107325/12/NL/AK, commonly referred to as “Space Weather HelioViewer”. Many of the new additions will be of particular interest to the Space Weather community.

The new JHelioviewer “2.10” is significantly faster and more robust while offering a large number of new features, e.g.:

  • Access to new datasets (GONG, SOLIS, etc.) from 3 different servers (GSFC, ROB, IAS)
  • Combined view from different vantage points (e.g. STEREO and SDO) for full sphere mapping
  • Image projections such as orthographic, latitudinal and polar
  • Yet more viewing options, such as running and base differences, and a side-by-side (multi-view) mode
  • Timeline datasets viewing, synchronized with the time of the current image
  • Integration of features and events from the Heliophysics Events Knowledgebase (HEK), and alerts from the COMESEP system.
  • Magnetic field line extrapolations

A full description of the installation, running of the software and new features can be found in the online user manual.

The work was carried out by SIDC @ Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB). The new JHelioviewer will continue to undergo improvements in the future, meanwhile feedback is welcome at swhv – at – sidc.be .

Screenshot of JHelioviewer 2.10

Screenshot of JHelioviewer 2.10

Written on March 31, 2016 by Daniel Müller