The Helioviewer Beta Server is Live!

Helioviewer Beta lives at

Help us improve Helioviewer by trying out our Beta Site. As we continue development of helioviewer, all the latest features and bug fixes will be posted to Beta as a staging area for us all to test and try out. It will be updated with nightly releases, so there is potential for some instability.

A few things of things to note about this ongoing beta release:

  1. Beta only hosts the latest 31 days of solar data.

  2. API Users can access the Beta API at

  3. JPIP Sever users can access this resource at <jpip://>

  4. You can see what’s new on Beta by clicking on the beta label: Changelog

  5. You can report bugs on Our Github Page or by emailing We’d like to hear from you!

Written on December 20, 2021 by Daniel Garcia Briseno