Maintenance Update

Update 2022-05-04 18:30

  • SOHO and STEREO pipelines have been restored and images will become available on helioviewer as they’re made available to us.

Update 2022-05-02 21:20

  • The JPIP Server is up. GSFC is now available in JHelioviewer.

The helioviewer migration to the new server is nearly complete. The Helioviewer Website is up and running.

We are still working on setting up the data pipeline for SOHO and STEREO so these image sources will not be updated for some time. Another update will follow when these image sources are updated. This impacts both GSFC and GSFC Beta

We are still working on bringing up the JPIP server, which should be up shortly. In the meantime GSFC Beta is still available.

Written on May 2, 2022 by Daniel Garcia Briseno